Flipper holiday centre provides accommodation in two different pavilions; Flipper is the main building (where you will find our reception desk) and Beluga, its smaller brother and neighbour.

At Flipper, as well as Beluga, each group receives its own living spaces; this includes separated rooms, showers and toilets, as well as a private multi-purpose room.
For adults, we have several numbers of rooms with private bathroom.

Our sanitary facilities are cleaned daily.

All meals are served in our inviting cafeteria.

In the evening, adults are welcome to relax at our very own bar.

Rooms and sanitary facilities


  • spacious rooms for 4, 6, 8 or 14 people;
  • 1 sink in each room;
  • each group has at its disposal 2 sanitary blocks with each 6 showers, 3 toilets and 8 sinks;
  • for adults, rooms with shower and toilet (minimum 2 per group).


  • most rooms for 2 people and a few rooms for 4, 6 or 8 people;
  • 1 sink in each room;
  • per group, at least 1 sanitary block with 5 showers and 4 toilets;
  • for adults, rooms with shower, sometimes toilet as well.

Kitchen and cafeteria

Our cooks offer tasty and healthy meals, adapted to the needs and taste of our clients.

At Flipper, we pay special attention to vegetarians, food allergies and special diets, including religious diets.

We offer:

  • daily afternoon snack (buiscuit + drink), except for the last day;
  • daily fresh soup;
  • picknick bag on demand;
  • kitchen conformed to new HACCP rules;
  • irreproachable hygiene.

Multi-purpose rooms

Do you want to organize a quiz, meeting, seminar or workshop? At Flipper, we have many rooms you can use. Just ask us and we will have a room ready for you!

Free on demand we also offer: a film projector with big screen, television sets, DVD- and video players. Free wifi is available almost everywhere in the buildings.

Each of our classrooms has chairs and tables, including a white board.

  • Flipper: 4 large multi-purpose rooms, 8 classrooms.
  • Beluga: 1 large multi-purpose room, 8 classrooms.